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New membership of the WFME Recognition Committee

Members of the WFME Recognition Committee met over Zoom on 13 February 2023. Since Professor Stefan Lindgren’s tenure as chair had ended, the aim of the meeting was to elect a new chair and to discuss the current committee’s membership.

Professor Luis Sambo, representing the Africa region, was elected the committee’s new chair. Other members are as follows:

Americas: Doctor Angel Centeno
Eastern Mediterranean: Professor Zeinelabdin A Karrar
Europe: Professor David Gordon (new member)
South East Asia: Professor Usman Chatib Warsa
Western Pacific: to be selected

WFME Recognition Committee is a decision-making committee for the WFME Recognition of Accreditation Programme. The committee comprises six members in total; each member representing one of WFME regions.

Top row, L-R: Professor Ricardo León-Bórquez (WFME President), Jana Cohlová (Recognition Programme Manager), Professor Usman Chatib Warsa

Middle row, L-R: Professor Stefan Lindgren, Professor David Gordon, Professor Luis Sambo (a new chair)

Bottom row: Professor Angel Centeno

SOURCE – Open link