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New edition of WFME Standards for Postgraduate Medical Education

WFME is pleased to announce that the new edition of the WFME Standards for Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) is now available for public use.

Postgraduate medical education varies greatly across the world and the final version of the revised PGME standards is a result of consensus among experts from multiple countries in all regions world-wide. The core team compiling the consensus view were Professor Janet Grant, Dr John Norcini, Dr Uchechukwu Arum and colleagues of the Junior Doctors’ Network.

Similarly to the WFME Standards for Basic Medical Education (2020) and WFME Standards for Distributed and Distance Learning in Medical Education (2021), the writing team has again moved on from a prescriptive set of requirements to a principles-based approach that allows institutions to make their own set of standards that is contextually appropriate.

Download the revised 2023 WFME PGME standards here:

WFME has always emphasised that the standards are a guide to the development and evaluation of medical education in all settings. They are not prescriptive, and not a rule-book. They are intended to be used as a framework to be modified and customised for the local setting. We will be happy to hear about how you plan to apply or have already applied the revised PGME standards at [email protected]

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